Pictures of Montréal, mostly from the mountain. These were taken on Wednesday afternoon, which kept jumping from thunderstorm to brilliant sunshine. I was soaked, but it was nice to be out of the city for once…

A view of the mountian

Our destination, on a pale blue morning. You can just make out the cross.

A view from the mountain of downtown Montréal Petula Clark would be proud

Can you get the BBC on this thing? The famous Montréal cross

Countryside northeast of Montréal
Canada's not all dark forests and grizzly bars you know!

Steam coming off the trees Das Wetter war wechselhaft, but Babelfish is as inaccurate as ever.

View down a long flight of stairs up the mountain, back towards the city Insert obligatory Led Zepplin link

Black angry looking clouds over the countryside
Rain drops kept falling on my head

Montréal nestled amoung the trees Montréal nestléd among the trees. (Many more where that came from)

A photo of me I don't hate. Amazing, thanks Kelle Me and John on the 5th floor of the office

Me on the steps of the museum of modern art in Montréal

I thought I'd gotten away with it but Matt caught me in front of the museum of modern art. This one is a real black and white photo so I look well moody.

Me in a bar in NYC

Back in New York, Quentin decided that everyone in the bar needed to be blinded as well as drunk. Yes Virginia, I am actually smiling. Matt seems to be trying to contact his muse or something.

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