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Views from the Brooklyn Bridge, July 20th 2001.

Towers of the Brooklyn Bridge Towers and cables of the Brooklyn Bridge

Do you know what it is yet?

Cables against the sky Cables against the sky The suspense is killing me…

Cables against the sky

Its a lovely walk on a sunny afternoon. Low angle shot of boardwalk on bridge Shot upwards of bridge towers

View of Manhattan Bridge View of Manhattan Bridge The Manhattan bridge is pretty too. It reminds me of home

View of Manhattan Bridge Towers View of Manhattan Bridge and city The bridge is undergoing massive repair at the moment, actually the repairs began in the 1980s.

Empire State Builing Framed by Manhattan Bridge Towers

You don't often get to see the Empire State in a frame like this. This is using the digital zoom on my camera, so the large version is a little blurry.

View of Midtown Manhattan View of Midtown Manhattan View of Downtown Manhattan View of Brooklyn Bridge Roadway

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